Steve Crawford's biography

Steve (Guitar, Lead vocals) is known in his native Scotland and in Germany, where he is currently based, as a talented singer, songwriter and guitar player. He has recorded his own songs with various projects, more recently the album 'Chronicles' with Scottish band Catford, featuring members of the award winning folk band Old Blind Dogs. He has also worked previously with 2012 Scottish jazz guitarist of the year Graeme Stephen, and other current projects include the transatlantic folk band Ballad of Crows, currently working on their debut album, as well as a partnership with the German fiddler Sabrina Palm and the eclectic group Molehill Mountaineers. Steve is also involved in various session-work as a drummer, guitarist and singer in many styles of music.

Spider Mackenzie's biography

Spider (Harmonica, Vocals) has played and recorded with many artists over the years including: Mojo Pep, Dik Banovich, Jim Condie, Sugar Blue, Martin Stephenson, Tam Whyte, Elaine C Smith, Rab Noakes, Mose Scarlett, Janis Clark, Gerry Jablonski, Gypsy Dave Smith, Fraser Spiers, Lounge Lizzards, John Carnie, Off The Tracks, Eddie Walker, Paul Henderson, Dean Owens, Frank Robb, and many more.

What the press say about Spider

Blueprint / Blues in Britian -
“Intensely moving harmonica sound”
“Massively exciting naturally talented harmonica player”
“I would cheerfully walk 100 miles over hot coals to feel some of his music”

The Sunday Times -“I still prefer the sensitive virtuosity and imagination of Aberdeen’s junior James Cotton, Spider MacKenzie”

The Aberdeen Evening Express - “Harmonica virtuoso”, “Star of bloos moothie”

The Aberdeen Press & Journal –“I bet you think every town has a blues harp player this good. They don’t and we should cherish him.”