From the recording Celticana

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7 – Some Peace To My Worried Mind

Sitting in a room on an island in the middle of the ocean
Thinking about home and all that I’ve left behind
So I gather together the memories and feel them inside me
To relive all the joy I felt in better times

And there in the middle of this moment I start to question
Did I ever have a home to leave behind
Maybe I’ve been searching for something to hold on to
Maybe I just imagined these things were mine

And so the time passes each day feels a little bit shorter
I struggle to find that place where I belong
And every new town makes me feel just a little bit colder
I’m starting to question just where I come from

And given a moment of truth perhaps there’s an answer
A chance to pull back the curtain and see what’s behind
Everywhere that I’ve been and I’ll go has something to tell me
An answer to give some peace to my worried mind

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